Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to advance sustainable development through rigorous research, data, and effective monitoring and evaluation practice.



Our Mandate


We conduct in-depth research to generate local knowledge and insights relevant to sustainable development. Our research covers economic, environmental and social issues, as well as sustainable development in general.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We support development partners to develop, implement and manage monitoring and evaluation systems and functions to assess the impact and effectiveness of their policies, programs and projects.

Capacity Building

We empower local communities, government agencies and development stakeholders through training programs and skills development initiatives aimed at building local capacity for sustainable development.

Policy Analysis

We analyze policies and programs to ensure they are evidence-based and aligned with sustainable development goals.

Data Collection, Management and Analysis

By focusing on data-driven decision-making, we support our partners to collect and manage relevant data, carry out data analysis and present insights that enables evidence-based decisions to be made.

Development Statistics

We provide independent and transparent statistical support in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating economy, aid, population, migration, and all relevant society statistics.


We are proud to present a selection of our current initiatives:

Context Mapping

The objective of the context mapping is to identify the current state of evaluation practices in Nigeria and the barriers to institutionalizing VOPE, in order to develop targeted and effective technical assistance, capacity-building training, collaboration promotion, and policy and practice changes.

Developing Statistical Capacity: Monitoring the SDGs

We provide statistical capacity building support that will help improve the quality and availability of data for monitoring the SDGs in Nigeria.

Migration Research

The goal of the study is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by migration, and identify policy solutions for sustainable development and human well-being.

Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPE)

Our objective is to assist the Nigerian government and relevant stakeholders in institutionalizing VOPE through the provision of technical assistance, training to enhance capacity-building, promotion of collaboration, and advocacy to bring about policy and practice changes for effective evaluations, leading to continuous improvement in development outcomes.

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