About Us

We support efforts to combat poverty and promote sustainable development using the scientific method, which includes monitoring and evaluation, rigorous research, effective implementation and targeted training.

Who Are We

The Organization for Development Statistics and Evaluation (ODSE) is a local non-governmental and non-profit intermediary organization founded in January 2017. Initially focusing on Northern Nigeria. However, ODSE has since expanded its reach to cover the entire country. Our primary mission is to reduce poverty by enhancing local capacity and generating indigenous knowledge for sustainable development. This is achieved through research, monitoring and evaluation, targeted implementation, and training, to ensure that policies and programs are based on scientific evidence.

How We Work

ODSE work with government, development actors, and donors  to scale up programs found to be effective and to promote evidence informed policy which benefit local communities. Participatory approach is the backbone of all our activities as we pools and mobilize resources to ensure that all activities conform to the national, sub-national, regional, and sustainable development goals and most importantly ensuring that projects commissioned contribute meaningfully to development and humanitarian efforts in Nigeria.

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

ODSE offers a range of tools and resources that help businesses in making data-driven decisions, promoting sustainability, reducing carbon footprints, and adopting eco-friendly practices. We also offer support in improving governance processes, ensuring compliance with regulations, and promoting transparency and accountability.

Development Academy

The Development Academy offers customized, high-quality training programs in various development fields to individuals and organizations in Nigeria, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to foster sustainable development. The Academy believes that investing in skills and capabilities is essential to achieving sustainable development.

Number Speaks

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